Spring Valley High School

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About Project

Our Education Design Team was able to come up with a creative design scheme for Richland County School District Two that allowed the existing school to remain operational throughout the three-phase construction program and saved them considerable time and over $1,000,000.00 in portables. The initial design proposal was to create on the existing site a new facility reutilizing only the existing gymnasium, fine arts wing and athletic fields while building all new auditorium, educational and administrative facilities around the periphery of the existing school. After construction is completed, demolition of the non-remaining structures will take place to allow for construction of bus drives and parking lots.
Upon completion the facility will consist of 387,602 sq. ft., of which only 91,171 sq. ft. is reused from the current facility. Construction bids total $39.4 million. Total project cost is $45 million. Construction commenced in spring of 2006 was occupied in the fall of 2008.
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